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Heavenwire Coverage Area

Delivering reliable Internet to your rural area. 

Now Serving

Don't worry! If you find out your location is outside of Heavenwire's tower coverage, we can still help you achieve the Internet connection you desire with our NEW Satelite service offerings!

  • Blanchester, Ohio

  • Brookville, Indiana

  • Butlerville, Ohio

  • Camden, Ohio

  • Carlisle, Ohio

  • Cedar Grove, Indiana

  • Clarksville, Ohio

  • College Corner, Ohio

  • Darrtown, Ohio

  • Elizabethtown, Ohio

  • Fairfield, Ohio

  • Franklin, Ohio

  • Germantown, Ohio

  • Greenhills, Ohio

  • Hamilton, Ohio

  • Harlan Township, Ohio

  • Jacksonburg, Ohio

  • Jericho, Ohio

  • Liberty, Indiana

  • Laurel, Indiana

  • Madison Township, Ohio

  • Marathon, Ohio

  • Metamora, Indiana

  • Millville, Ohio

  • Middletown, Ohio

  • Morrow, Ohio

  • Mt. Carmel, Indiana

  • Mt. Repose, Ohio

  • Okeana, Ohio

  • Oxford, Ohio

  • Roachester, Ohio

  • Ross, Ohio

  • Sardinia, Ohio

  • Somerville, Ohio

  • Springdale, Ohio

  • Trenton, Ohio

  • West College Corner, Indiana





Read the 2 Year Service Agreement.

Read the Monthly Service Agreement.



After completing form and submitting you will see a map of your address. Click on your house to move the pin to your service location. Then Click on the Blue Button labeled “The Pin is at my Service Location”. You will then see the coverage map with your address. Green shading indicates a good signal level. Service availability is still subject to passing a site survey.

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