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16+ Years of WISP experience


Heavenwire is a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) in southwest Ohio and southeast Indiana.


A growing division of Mobilcomm, Inc., Heavenwire is located on its campus at 1211 West Sharon Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240. Mobilcomm was established in 1941 and has provided a broad array of wireless communications solutions to help small, medium and large businesses. 


Heavenwire began in March 2005 as a way to provide wireless Internet service to a rural community near Cincinnati. What started as a single site located atop an Okeana farm silo has expanded to include 41 sites across the Tri-State area. Today, Heavenwire provides service in both metropolitan and rural areas. Heavenwire values its professional personnel, outstanding service and the quality of its product.


Heavenwire is fortunate to have great customers and amazing employees. We want to make sure you have every opportunity to connect with us, and most importantly, with each other. Whether it’s to share stories, or to communicate with like-minded members of your community, you can find us on social media.

Meet our crew

John T.

John communicates job expectations, maintains work flow by monitoring, ensures system operations and creates growth within the company. John is highly professional and technically knowledgeable. John has been with Mobilcomm since 1981 and Heavenwire since it's first installation.

Frank M.
Network Admin


Frank diagnoses system problems, monitors computer processing systems, installs software and performs tests on equipment and programs. Frank's strong knowledge of computers and how they operate is vital to the opperation of Heavenwire's system. Frank has been resolving I.T. issues for us since 1999.

Kevin C.
Field Service Tech / Installer

Kevin is responsible for Installations and Service Calls covering

SW Ohio, SE Indiana and Northern Kentucky. He has been in the installation / Service industry for 10 years and with Mobilcomm / Heavenwire since 2017

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