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LTE Hotspot Services

​For when you're just outside the Heavenwire service area.




















                            Titan Home                                                                          Titan Mobile

Titan Home and Titan Mobile using Cloud Sim Technology

allows the end-user to switch from carrier to carrier without a physical SIM card. Making it the most reliable and robust cellular connection. 

Rapid Carrier Switch Technology
When towers are congested RCST will switch the user to another tower with a
stronger and better connection. The device can also be optimized manually
by a simple click of "Network Optimization" .
Built-In customer interface
Data Remaining- Easy way to keep track of data used.
Network Optimization- Switching to optimal connection
Connections- Up to 10 devices can be connected
Flow Protection- Prevents some apps from automatic update.
USB Network- You use the network directly by USB to connect to PC

Your internet speeds don't mean a whole lot if they continuously
disconnecting or going in and out. Rural internet providers have gotten
quite a bad reputation for spotty signal reliability, but thanks to OTR
Mobil True Tri Carrier tech we've been able to solve that trend.
Unlike our competitors who promote tri carrier that only connects to
the cheapest and not the most reliable, our True Tri Carrier tech
connects to the most reliable connection for the customer.

Reliable Regardless of Location
Holds up against inclement weather - Your service isn't bothered by
bad weather and other issues!










Available packages are dependent on customer address and

LTE Coverage


Activation Fee $45.00 

Custom installations are available upon request for an additional fee.

Call for more information and for complete terms and conditions of the sale.
Heavenwire has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final.

For those within Heavenwire tower coverage

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