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Additional Services 

Router & Setup
Lease from us and eliminate Service    Call charges due to Customer Owned Router

Does Not cover:

Storm Damage or Physical Abuse

 HD TV Antenna

The Marathon – Model CA-2600 represents a breakthrough in long range HD TV antenna reception. Most antennas on the market offer short range reception, poor VHF performance and can only serve one TV, requiring the purchase of multiple antennas to serve a typical household. The Marathon is different. By combining advanced materials and design with cutting edge RF circuitry, the Marathon maximizes signal capture across all bandwidths and amplifies those signals to levels that can serve up to 4 TV’s. Hooking things up is easy. There’s one connection per TV,

Maintenance Plan     Covers Service Calls related to Customer Owned Equipment causing problems. eg: Computer, Router, Switch, TV, Cordless Phone, Video Monitor etc.

Does Not cover:

Storm Damage or Physical Abuse

We Do Not Repair  Customer Owned Equipment

Labor Rates                     

Maintenance Plan 1st 2 hrs covered

Each additional hr $100.00

2 yr Agreement  $125.00 hr

Out of Agreement $160.00 hr.


Digital The AirView-3500FS Are you Cutting the Cord and think you'll miss your DVR function?  Not when you add the AirView to your Marathon antenna and create a total TV entertainment system.  The AirView is a unique digital convertor box that also offers programmed recording of your favorite TV shows.  Its cutting edge technology allows it to record programs of your choice on an external memory device - making taking your shows with you possible!  Try that on a cable or satellite DVR box!  Picture quality is second to none for off air broadcast signals!  The unit comes with a learning remote for armchair programming and a detailed user guide that makes operation a breeze.

LTE Hotspots and Satellite services for those outside the Heavenwire tower coverage

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