Free Air TV

Cut the Cord!

Heavenwire now offers Free Air TV as an additional service to go with your High Speed Internet Package. The perfect solution for cutting out those high cost satellite and cable bills.

Features and Benefits: 

· Proven High Performance, Long-Distance signal reception. 

· Prompt and affordable installation by trained Heavenwire technicians. 

· Whole house amplification- power up to 4 TVs with one antenna! 

· Delievers outstanding HD Quality Local & Regional TV reception. 

· Combine with our AirView Digital DVR/Convertor box for programmed recording and endless entertainment! 

· Backed by Heavenwire and FREE SIGNAL TVs top rated Customer Support and Warranty Program. 

The Marathon – Model CA-2600 represents a breakthrough in long range HD TV antenna reception. Most antennas on the market offer short range reception, poor VHF performance and can only serve one TV, requiring the purchase of multiple antennas to serve a typical household. The Marathon is different. By combining advanced materials and design with cutting edge RF circuitry, the Marathon maximizes signal capture across all bandwidths and amplifies those signals to levels that can serve up to 4 TV’s. Hooking things up is easy. There’s one connection per TV, and in most cases, the Marathon simply takes the place of your cable or Dish feed – using your existing splitters and cable routing to connect to multiple TVs. You’ll also need a 110V outlet to plug the amplifier in. 

The AirView-3500FS Are you Cutting the Cord and think you will miss your DVR function?  Not when you add the AirView to your Marathon antenna and create a total TV entertainment system.  The AirView is a unique digital convertor box that also offers programmed recording of your favorite TV shows.  Its cutting edge technology allows it to record programs of your choice on an external memory device - making taking your shows with you possible!  Try that on a cable or satellite DVR box!  We even include an 8 MG flash drive to get you on your way to recording in no time. The AirView also comes with a 6 ft high quality HDMI cable - making connection to your HDTV easy. And the picture quality is second to none for off air broadcast signals!  The unit comes with a learning remote for armchair programming and a detailed user guide that makes operation a breeze.  Here are the Specs:  Dimensions - 5" X 7" X 3",  Weight: 1.8 lbs, Outputs: HDMI, Component, 75 Ohm Coaxial. 

Performance (We Rock!) 

Here’s the geeky tech-stuff regarding performance for our products. All results are direct from lab testing and provided with confidence – no exaggerations!  

The Marathon HDTV Antenna  

Construction: Sealed composite shell. Advanced conductive internal alloy components. All-weather design.  
Noise: < 3.5 Db, Gain:40 dBi 
Reception Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 700 MHz – Low VHF, High VHF, Full Range UHF  
Type: Directional 
Signal Capture Capability: Up to 100 miles* from source 
Power Requirements: 110V (for internal amplifier) 
Connectivity: Up to 4 TVs (ultimate performance subject to quality of in-home connection/wiring, distance from source and antenna placement). 
Dimensions: 35.8 W (with VHF dipoles attached) X 21.6” H X 4.3” D.   
Weight: Approx 4.8 lbs 

  *Reception Expectations: You will receive VHF/UHF/FM signals in HD quality (720p -1080p) from stations transmitting up to 100 miles from your location. Typical reception distances are between 30 and 50 miles from transmitter source and depend on signal strength, antenna placement, connection quality and terrain/line of sight obstructions. Sources will be local network programming (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.) + Public TV, Government access stations and local cable content generated from a local site/source. For stations and range, please go to 

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